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Committed to contributing to a circular economy

Mainstream Recycling currently accepts liquid, sludge and solid wastes typically collected from stormwater assets such as pipes, pits and Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) as well as materials collected via street sweepers.

Mainstream Recycling’s unique separation technique then splits waste into water content, solid waste and recyclable materials.

This approach extends the useful life of the processed materials, thereby reducing energy usage and manufacturing costs to source or process new product.

The rich soil content is repurposed in the landscape industry, comingle is recycled and water is reused.

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Mainstream Recycling is an EPA Licenced stormwater recycling facility. Its patented innovative design enables us to recycle a large majority of the recovered materials.

The award-winning facility is an initiative implemented to assist in creating a circular economy, whereby we process and reuse stormwater waste as an additive to the landscaping industry. This process keeps wastes in use as a material in its next life, thereby reducing energy usage and manufacturing costs to source another product.

Mainstream Recycling: Creating and Supporting a Circular Economy

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Working in partnership towards a circular economy

With a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, Mainstream Recycling is committed to creating a circular economy. Our continuous improvement processes ensure we maximise our reuse and recycling options to reduce stormwater waste that has historically ended up in landfill.

Nutrient-rich organic matter makes up majority of the waste removed from stormwater assets. Through our facilities, this organic matter is extracted for reuse within the landscaping and gardening industry, returning key materials back to nature. Plastic and other recyclables are also removed and sent for recycling. The small remaining amount of general waste which cannot be recycled is sent to landfill.

The end result is a significant reduction in waste to landfill, with the added benefit of reduced energy usage and manufacturing costs in the creation of alternative landscape products.

By using Mainstream Recycling for your stormwater waste, you can be part of our circular economy.

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